Monthly Plan


Annual Plan


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All Terra Firma Plans include:

  • 7 title review requests per month for monthly and annual plans
  • Written legal opinion for every non-financial charge
  • Unlimited email access to our lawyers for any questions related to the charge
  • Summary definitions of all legal terms so that your clients can understand the document
  • All legal opinions uploaded to your own private account
  • Title review charge requests for properties within the Lower Mainland of BC only (excluding Whistler, Squamish and Chilliwack).
  • Residential properties only

“ Terra Firma has saved me a whole lot of unnecessary work! Every realtor should have this tool in their pocket! ”

Michelle Forsberg

Medallion Club Life Member
Re/Max Sabre Realty

Frequently Asked Questions

What has been the most important reasons for realtors to use this service?

The two reasons most often told to us are:

  • A. The shifting of risk from the realtor to the lawyer
  • B. The competitive advantage and professionalism of having a “lawyer on retainer”.

Our realtors are using this as part of their listing presentation, making them more proactive and professional than other realtors who are not using the service. If Terra Firma helps you land one more listing (and our 97% renewal rates indicates that it does), then our service will have paid for itself many times over.

How fast will the charges be reviewed and returned to the realtor?

We are delivering a 1-2 business day turnaround. A realtor may ask for an expedited review at this time for an additional fee.

May I order the charges without being part of the monthly service?

Yes, we offer a one-time title review for properties located within the Lower Mainland.

Does a realtor have to sign up for a one year term?

No, an annual and monthly option is provided with the annual option providing a 15% savings. If a realtor cancels and then decides to come back, we will at that time, and only then, ask for a one year commitment.

Does the purchaser or seller have to use Spagnuolo and Company for their conveyance?

No, they may use any lawyer or notary they choose. There is no obligation to use Spagnuolo and Company, they are simply our partner in reviewing title.

What charges are being reviewed?

Every single charge that will remain on title. We call these the non-financial charges, which are typically easements, covenants, rights of ways and other such items. Anything that will be binding on a Buyer will be reviewed.

Need more information?

Have a question, want to find out more? We would love to hear from you. You can contact us at: 604-527-4242