Your Responsibility At Listing & Closing

“A Realtor assisting a Buyer is required to ensure that a Buyer has been or will be, as a condition of the contract, provided with a title search and information on any title charges.“

As outlined in the RECBC Professional Standards Manual under Trading Services, section 3 (b).

Your obligation to the client takes time, costs money and involves risk.

Let Terra Firma take care of the Title Review process on your behalf.

We Do The Title Reviews For You

We take on the responsibility of ensuring your clients understand the Title Review non-financial charges in a straightforward and simple process. You’ll wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

“My clients are delighted knowing that I've taken the extra step to ensure that everything on title has been checked, reviewed by a lawyer and has a legal opinion. For me, this brings peace of mind knowing I’ve done everything I can, and done it correctly.”

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Receive up to 7 Title Reviews with a Legal Opinion per month. You can’t go wrong.

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